getting started…

In my first year of art school, in my first ever painting class, I was asked to do an abstract painting for my end of year project. My first reaction was, “piece of cake, anyone can do abstract.” Was I ever wrong. It turned out to be the absolute most difficult task. Although everyone thinks they can do it, no one knows where to start. The blank page or canvas is the artists’ domain but can also be our worst enemy.

I tackled the task, and fell in love. I have been focusing on abstract painting ever since.


By the River 1

By the River 1 & 2 – Inspired by my time spent in my family’s hometown in Xirokambi, Greece. I went to this cozy little spot by the river that separated our village from the one over every day and spent hours there ready, drawing, and good old-fashioned day dreaming.


By The River 2

Since then, I have stayed true to my abstract ways. Here are some pieces from a few years ago when I began exploring this form.


Do Not Consume 1


Do Not Consume 2


Do Not Consume 3


Over the years my work and mental space has evolved, and will continue to evolve as new experiences and inspirations shape my practice.

Message to artists everywhere: keep your eyes open, be inspired , and keep creating.







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